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Build your personal brand

and become the authority figure in your marketplace.

In May 2020, whilst so many agencies were retreating, Hoxo Media believed that being proactive at the time would transform your business and ideally position you for the bounce back.

We though effective marketing via digital channels is the best way to do this and so we we launched the Hoxo Academy, a personal brand training course to teach Recruitment Leaders how to build brand authority on LinkedIn!

We’ve had some fantastic feedback (if you haven’t already, check out our testimonial video at the top of the page), but more importantly, our members have seen amazing results from the Hoxo Academy:

• Based on their LinkedIn activity, recruitment owners have signed new clients and won retainers with people, who prior to the Academy, didn't even respond to their calls or messages
THOUSANDS of ££s worth of deals have been made as a direct result of the Academy
• Increase in social stats - from 404% increase in profile views, to 183% increase in likes, 169% increase in comments and 291% increase in engagement!

If you’re looking build brand authority on LinkedIn, we are here to show you how.

How We Help


Recruitment Leaders starting monthly


Week Training Programme


Leaders per Coaching Group


The Academy is led by Hoxo CEO - Sean Anderson, a successful ex-recruiter who once operated with an old school approach. In 2017 he began to invest in himself to build a personal brand that would position him as a thought leader and drive inbound leads.

Sean worked daily to build a clear audience online, produce content and offer as much support and value to Recruitment Leaders as possible on LinkedIn.

He has since built a Globally Recognised 7 Figure Marketing Agency and Industry leading Podcast based on this daily practice.

He has also helped 150+ Recruitment Leaders across the globe to overcome their fears and build online brands that have engaged candidates and clients far wider than they could before.

The good news is, this process is now documented and easy for any recruitment owner to follow.

Why Join the Academy?

Upon successfully completing the Academy you will have:

  •  A clear plan for Linkedin Growth
  • ​Knowledge of how to engage the right people
  • ​Clear success metrics to follow
  • ​Conquered the fear of creating content
  • ​More profile views and inbound interest
  • ​Started building a targeted community
  • ​Saved time through learning the process and using automation

Enroll today to join the next group!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Our Academy will give you the opportunity to connect with marketing experts and other progressive Recruitment leaders who are looking to add maximum value to their target audience. You will have exclusive access to Hoxo Media's library of resources and templates that will allow you to create great content on a regular and consistent basis.

Here's some of the great feedback we've
been receiving from our Academy grads!

Your course overview

Our Recruitment Owner Academy is a 12-week programme which will take you from being a strong offline recruiter & networker to building your personal brand and authority online in your chosen marketplace.

Month 1: Your Online Presence

In month 1 we welcome you to your mastermind group where you will be able to network with up to 15 other progressive Recruitment leaders weekly and the rest in the fb community. We focus on defining your target audience, optimising your Linkedin profile and tactics to grow your audience and community engagement on Linkedin. 

Month 2: Creating Content

In month 2 you will begin to take visible action online and embark on your future content journey. We will give you a clear methodology to follow that includes the theory behind creating different forms of content yourself and how you can leverage your network to. build authority.

Month 3: Bringing it all together

By month 3 you will have the required level of knowledge and experience to drive consistency into your personal brand routines. Using our content calendar and recommended automated techniques, you will finish the course with a long term plan for Linkedin brand success.

Academy FAQs

Q "How much time will I need to invest in the academy?"

A " 1 x hour weekly video commitment and 30 mins per day required on top". Our focus is to give you small steps each week and the tools to grow sustainably, we will avoid overload and fatigue"

Q Once finished - what results can I expect?

A "You will have seen considerable Linkedin Growth in terms of connections; profile views; engagement and DMs. You will have knowledge and experience of how to create content that engages the right people and began building a community of professionals that will have a positive effect on your business. Most importantly you will feel confident, progressive and excited about your future online!

Q "What social media platforms will we focus on?"

A "The course has a focus on LinkedIn primarily, however there is also support if you want to adopt the methods to other platforms i.e. Facebook"

Q "I am not a recruitment owner- can I join?"

A "The course is for Recruitment Owners / Directors ONLY, however don't worry - we are launching our Recruiter Level Academy in summer 2020"

Q "What makes this course different to the free content online?"

A "This course has been designed personally by Sean, and is exclusively for niche recrutiment owners. The content is based on his personal experience of building his brand and other recruitment owners daily for the past 3 yrs"

Q When does the next Academy start?

A "We start a new Academy intake every 2 weeks, usually on the 1st or 15th of each month."

Q How do I join?

A "Firstly, fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. Secondly, you will speak to a member of the Hoxo team who will want to know more about you, your level of commitment and will show you the course material and all involved. If happy, you pay online via our secure link and you enter the course!"

Q Once paid - what happens next?

A "You will be booked onto an onboarding call with Sean, recieve the course log ins and start learning weekly alongside your dedicated group"

Here are examples of some of the
fantastic results people are seeing!

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